to Carry New Line of Agio Cigars

(PRWEB) March 01, 2013, one of the Internets leading distributors of tobacco and tobacco accessories, announced today that it is now offering a select line of products from Agio Cigars the distinctive Agio Meharis brand of cigarillo-style cigars. Select products include Agio Meharis Brasil, Ecuador, Java and Sweet Orient styles.

Agio Cigars has long been recognized as one of the largest and most successful cigar manufacturers in all of Europe, with brands like Panter, Balmoral and De Huifkar to its name. Meharis features a series of small, yet potent cigarillo / cigars divided into four unique blends.

According to GM Nick Gordon, these unique and delicious tobacco blends will find good homes with his customers. Agio never lets you down, says Gordon. That logo is like the Ford logo to a cigar smoker. Even if its something youve never tried before, you feel comfortable diving right in as long as it says Agio on the wrapper.

Each brand in the Meharis line features its own distinct tobacco blend and flavor, emulating the style of the countries and regions where theyre farmed. The Brasil brand is known for its nutty and rich aroma, while the Ecuador line provides a more delicate, earthy smoke. The Java cigars are an Indonesian blend with a rich taste and lots of flavor, and the Sweet Orient brand mixes flavors of vanilla and earth to provide a sweeter smoking experience.

They arent quite cigars, says Gordon, but yet they arent quite cigarillos either. They burn fast, but evenly. And the flavors are so rich and distinctive that you cant help but want to try each one right after the other to better pick up the differences.

Gordon also says that Meharis are already extremely popular around the world, with sales in over 100 different countries, they currently hold the rank of the 3rd largest cigar brand in the world.

Theyre popular for good reason, says Gordon. Im hoping that my customers will be willing to give each brand a try, but I doubt theyll need much convincing after trying their first.

About the Product:

One of the largest and most popular cigar manufacturers in Europe, Agio Cigars currently produces and distributes over 750 million stogies a year. The Meharis line of cigars remains one of Agios most popular, with the four brands selling in the tens of millions every month.

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