Try E Cig For Free – Electronic Cigarette Hub Announces Free E Cigarette Towards A Safer, Healthier Quit Smoking Alternative

(PRWEB) October 01, 2012

“The FDA and major anti-smoking groups keep saying that we don’t know anything about what is in electronic cigarettes,” Michael Siegel of the Boston University School of Public Health said. “The truth is, we know a lot more about what is in electronic cigarettes than regular cigarettes.” He added.

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His statements in support of e cigarettes have come to be rather controversial, if only for the fact that the government agency, FDA, has been pushing for a ban of the products in the market. However, it is through researchers like Dr. Siegel that a clearer discussion is being had in light of this topic. Studies have been conducted both locally and overseas in an attempt to further dissect what really is it about e cigs that help people get rid of the habit of tobacco smoking.

The simple answer to that question is that people actually do want to quit. They know how bad tobacco smoke can be for their health, but because they are addicted to it, they are having a difficult time weaning it off their lifestyle. Then come electric cigarettes, a gadget that carries over nicotine ingredients (optional) and the psychological act of puffing a smoke, without ever really putting the user in contact with the harmful tobacco toxins. This is the biggest selling point of this product.

They are otherwise known as smokeless cigarettes because the smoke emitting from it is actually vapor harmless, odorless, colorless vapor. Its a mere simulation of the act of smoking real tobacco. It tricks the mind into thinking that the user is still continuing the habit of smoking without having to smoke real tobacco.

This is why vapor cigarettes have become so successful. Finally, consumers have found a product that can successfully work as an alternative to their smoking habit, without putting their health at risk.

Hundreds and thousands of users all over the globe cannot help but be thankful of this innovation. As K.K. Thornton of the Yahoo! Contributor Network shared with her readers, Electronic cigarettes make it easy to quit smoking because they are not cigarettes at all. E cigs are better.

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