Try out DUCKDUCKGO instead of Google!

Does it bother you that Google tracks you? Try FULL ARTICLE: Thanks for watc…
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8 Responses to Try out DUCKDUCKGO instead of Google!

  1. TechnoToastYT says:


  2. TechnoToastYT says:

    Have I told you you’re awesome?

  3. ninjastah says:

    awesome im gonna try it out.. ive subscribed too.. booya!

  4. TechnoToastYT says:

    I’m not sure what you mean by transparent background? I used my Canon T3i to defocus the background. And no, I’m not a partner. Google got rid of the partner program. :(

  5. tecnikguy says:

    i like how you’ve got a transparent background, did u use gimp or did u use photoshop (PSD), oh and by the way, are u a partner, if not then im really suprised and if u are im really really suprised that u havnt made a banner for ur channel (i mean ur old channel “Intronetz”)

  6. TechnoToastYT says:

    Don’t mentionnnnnnnnnnnn it. lol

  7. TechnoToastYT says:


  8. AkokA0202 says:

    Thanks Cory! 

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