Tubetalkers pins to get London Underground talking

London UK (PRWEB UK) 13 April 2015

TUBETALKERS pins are set to revolutionise the mundane commute many Londoners face every day. The concept is simple; people signal to others they are friendly, approachable and eager to chat by wearing a tubetalkers pin. The goal? To brighten the journey by making it more interesting and encouraging people to be more sociable.

The man behind is Russell Hirst, a cheerful 33-year-old insurance broker who travels on the London Underground regularly. Russell recalls, On one particularly dull journey it really hit home how miserable I felt just sitting there in silence, looking around at everyone burying their heads in mobile phones, games, books or even just their hands to try and pass the time nobody was speaking! He continued, I think by having a chat with the person next to you, the journey seems faster and its simply a more pleasant experience. Lets get people talking.

Worcester-based Internet Services Provider,, are currently helping Russell share his message and reach a wider audience by showcasing his story and idea through their Change Your Story campaign. The campaign is run in conjunction with Verisign, the .com registry, with an aim to inspire entrepreneurs and small business owners to take the next step and bring their ideas and businesses online.

Stephen Ewart, Commercial Director at said, We asked our customers to tell us their stories and Russells grabbed our attention straight away. In a world increasingly dependent on online social interaction, we loved his idea of using online methods, to promote and encourage more real life communication.

With no technical skills, Russell, has set up a professional website using a do-it-yourself website builder. He is already selling his unique badges online and his advice to other would-be entrepreneurs is, If youre thinking about moving your idea online, all you need to do is get a website name to get started. Once youve got that, stop talking about your idea and just do it.

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