Tucson Personal Injury Attorney: Zanes Law Add Directories Navmii, GetFave, and Yellowbot

Tucson, Arizona (PRWEB) February 07, 2013

Arguably one of the most important factors of a business success in todays market place is their online presence. Zanes Law Firm has been increasing their brand by expanding their online virtual notoriety.

Zanes Law Firm and its attorneys have been adding their information to the following directories: Navmii, GetFave, and Yellowbot.

Business management, in todays society, compromises store management and online presence. With millions of users every day, the Internet has turned from a fad into a necessity. Each of these directories allows the companies information to be easily accessible.

Businesses all over the world can spread their brand while targeting potential consumers. An important factor for customers is their ability to easily find the product or service they are searching for.

The fastest way to promote a company, while also increasing both SEO and revenue, is to advertise your company through online directories.

Navmii is an application for smart phones. Through localized searching, it can find businesses in your relative location. The main part of the app attributes the companys category and specific services. The companys name and address are the first thing shown in the box followed by any special the company? might have. The most important feature of it all is the phone number so the consumer can quickly call to check availability. The Navmii app is used by over 12 Million people across the globe.

GetFave has all the companys information in an easy to read format. The main difference between GetFave and the other online directories is the hype box. It shows any deals, events and promotions the company may be having. Also, in this box, there is a link to the Twitter and Facebook to share with all of your friends or followers. This allows the spectacular deals to get displayed across social media outlets while also driving revenue to the company.

Yellowbot emphasizes the companys review and specific location. Through this, consumers can find specific categories and services based on the local city or zip code. Photos of the business can be seen below the map of the companys position. Any recommendations of the site are listed with a smiley face, and if it is not recommended, that is also stated.

About Zanes Law:

Zanes Law Firm of Tucson AZ has been diligently working to provide their customers with quick and efficient injury attorneys. Whether the case is big or small, Zanes can help! If a car accident has you feeling disoriented, consult with the personal injury lawyers here in Tucson to obtain the compensation you deserve.

Zanes Law 520.441.3720 is located at 3501 E. Speedway, Tucson, AZ 85716.

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