#Tumblr Reaches 170M Visitors

#Tumblr Reaches 170M Visitors
… of Facebook stress. View 11 hours ago. […] much easier than setting up filters. Right now Tumblr and Instagram are hot (Tumblr is in the Top 10 websites worldwide), but it could just as easily be Path or Pheed or MySpace (or one of thousands of …
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Top Canadian Websites Disclose Personal Data
The sites have been found to disclose personal information they have about a site visitor, often without his or her consent. Based on research conducted by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, “significant privacy concerns” were found with …
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Digby Customer, The University Co-op, Selected as Internet Retailer Top 10
Selected by Internet Retailer editors, the Hot 100 list is the “who's who” of web and mobile sites and apps that have introduced innovations that improve online shopping and that other retailers can learn from. For the Top 10 Best Mobile Retailers list …
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