Turkey's Islamized Armenians Grapple with Tragic Roots

Turkey's Islamized Armenians Grapple with Tragic Roots
He estimates that at least 1 million people in Turkey's southeast bear Armenian blood today, even though mixed marriages and natural population growth have diluted Armenian ancestries. The acknowledgement of Armenian roots, he explains, is a difficult …
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Trashy Reading: New Book Is an Anthropological Study of the Sanitation
Ms. Nagle might have pursued a career in the natural sciences, but said she was drawn instead to anthropology because “I want to know about the people. … Like any community, she reveals that the DSNY has its own language (“san speak,” where “getting …
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For The Love Of Film – GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra
And Ray Park plays Snake-Eyes, a mute ninja who communicates through his body language. The role he was born to play. “Dane” you ask out … It feels natural to the setting and tone and makes you feel at home. While Transformers tries to play its …
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