Turn & Burn – Nine Connections: Advanced Content Marketing

The key to being successful on social is connected content to consumers. After all, content is virtually invisible if there is no audience to view it. Likewise, a large audience means nothing…
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18 Responses to Turn & Burn – Nine Connections: Advanced Content Marketing

  1. Luna Livermore says:

    You can really rely on Paul Barron and his crew. Best topics, awesome guests.

  2. Marina Sorovic says:

    really interesting stuff. I need to read more about this!

  3. Fanny Kimverli says:

    content + audience = success

  4. De Be says:

    thank you Lucien, your idea might be really helpful

  5. Nick Gonzalez says:

    wow, the techniques they are using are really advanced!!

  6. Jane Emory says:

    I can see some premises why this product will be really successful!

  7. JJ Braze says:

    Brand is one of the most important property of the enterprise !!

  8. Mark Smith says:

    wow, this tool is really amazing! Thanks for showing it to us, Paul!!

  9. Spook SEO says:

    Thank you for your thoughts. Most people do not realize that traffic is not everything. You have pointed that out good enough. In order to lure more and more, you have to be consistent with the quality of your work. If not, you have to render even more.

  10. Anna Stevenson says:

    use it if you want to reach customers you care about!

  11. Rock Power! says:

    Nine connections rocks 😀

  12. Mary R2D2 says:

    one of the best T&B episodes up to date!

  13. Croc7891 says:

    best, fresh ideas only on Turn & Burn 😀

  14. Maria Jordan says:

    good talk, Paul!

  15. Jean Patel says:

    Lucien is so passionate about his service!! I can trust him!

  16. Rosalie Hodges says:

    the way to find new customers via Internet has been revealed!!

  17. Joy Lene says:

    Nine connections to business success!

  18. Susie Stephens says:

    thanks a lot for this vid!! You are a great vidmaker Paul!

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