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If you have an idea for a movie, this introductory class will show you what you have to do to get that idea on paper in a form that is pitchable in Hollywood. This day-long course covers all the basic steps that you will need to take in order to bring your screenplay all the way to Hollywood. You will learn the special needs of Story and Character as they apply to movies. You will walk away from this class with a solid base of knowledge that wll help you translate your idea into a cinematic story and at least one workable storyline.
Discover the secrets of writing and marketing for film and television. Turn your story ideas into successful scripts for television and movies and learn how to sell them You can do it Screenwriters can earn between 0,000 and 0,000 per picture for their creative contributions. You can benefit whether your interest is writing for films or television and can prepare your script to present to an agent or producer, protect your work with copyrights and understand how studios and production companies work.
o Work with a professional in the field.
o Expert advice and hands-on work.
o The latest information on the business of screenwriting.
If you have an orginal idea, this seminar will give you the information you need to turn it into a successful screenplay. Presentations such as the outline & story treatment and the method of developing an idea, stetting plot structures, and expanding to workable outline will all be covered. Dr.Douglas Bell, adjunct professor, Columbia College Film & Video Dept. and President of the Screenwriters Group, has over 8 years of screenwriting and script doctoring experience. Materials fee:

Class Fee:
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at The Discovery Center
2940 N Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, United States

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