Tutorial: How to Install A VPN Server in 2003

Tutorial: How to Install A VPN Server in 2003

Alright this is the latest video i have i made it today anyways this video is explaining about how to install a VPN Server in Server 2003 of course time was limited so i had to be quick!! so stop the video and follow along if you get lost. Remember A couple of things before you do the VPN server and hear what i said if not then its not going to work. No i don’t have a custom setup on PC either so don’t assume it was a fresh Installation of Server so!! Anyways enjoy and i do hope the video was helpful in completing your tasks 😉 see ya!! let me know subscribe, dislike or like, or comment as long as its helping people thats good news to me 😉 Peace!!!
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13 Responses to Tutorial: How to Install A VPN Server in 2003

  1. MrBOSSLUIS says:

    Actually this is just for Tutorial purposes. The reason why i had to use 2 network cards was because i having issues myself in the tutorial for some apparent reason when i tried to connect to my VPN it kept giving errors 500 and 800. so i made it work by having 2 nics. If you have only 1 nic is not an issue you can still do a VPN in the custom configuration but i had problems as well when i tried this method.

  2. flaitguy says:

    Hi, my confusion is what are you r exact settings on the 2 Nics? when you say connect one to the internet and one to the inside LAN. They both have gateways to the router and they both have dns entries to the domain dns server. other than the node ip address how should they be different?

  3. D3an56898 says:

    Dude, It’s NOT !! The VPN that i disliked. its that no one want to make a half hour tutorial. Condition ZERO Steamless October 2003

  4. MrBOSSLUIS says:

    Why the dislike? and what do you mean no one is helping you with counter strike server you don’t need a vpn to create a counter strike server but oh well!!!

  5. D3an56898 says:

    Dude, I clicked Dislike ^.^ NO One is helping me with Counter Strike Server V.V

  6. MrBOSSLUIS says:

    oops! i forgot to say that you can do this with 1 nic card on the custom configuration..

  7. MrBOSSLUIS says:

    actually you don’t have to there is a video on my channel but its for server 2008 you can still do the same in 2003 the only thing difference is the interface but other than that it works the same.

  8. D3an56898 says:

    I’ll just have to Buy another Network interface card into my Desktop. when it’s my birthday


    Thanks ……………….Keep going. 

  10. MrBOSSLUIS says:

    Actually i just renamed the NIC cards in the properties of “My Network Places” one IP was connected to the internet which was “Externally” and the “Internally” was the IP that was connected to my network locally.

  11. qyb100 says:

    how did you create two connection (internal/External Ip address). I am unable to create two connection. I have a server and it has two gb NIC Card. Thanks for help.

  12. cheefpoker says:

    Thanks for the vid bro. You are the shit!

  13. MrBOSSLUIS says:

    well i can tell you this a lot of school and practice remember practice makes perfect!!

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