Tutorial How to: Magazine Nails

Hey everyone, here’s a video on how to do magazine designed nails. Hope you all enjoy! Products you need -Rubbing alcohol -Clear coat nail polish -Base coat …
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15 Responses to Tutorial How to: Magazine Nails

  1. Jancy Sivanantham says:

    im going to try mouthwash now….hopefully it works..ive been trying to this for 2 yrs now with water..it sucked! lol

  2. Swanygrl says:

    Whaaatt? I didn’t even think of that. You’re a smart cookie

  3. yourmybubblyface says:

    mouthwash worked perfect for me :)

  4. Alayna Brown says:

    OMG! I Love This! I Never Knew You Could Use A Cu-Tip And Use It Like That! Maybe That’s Why Some People Have Remaining Excess! I LOVE The Designs On Your Nials Btw! c:

  5. KianaAlexis Smith says:


  6. Deborah Mothershed says:

    I love the shape of your nails. 3

  7. bukifoo1 says:


  8. Arjeaneylene Dungca Ramos says:

    may newspaper na may magazine pa tapos may ice cream pa :) 

  9. Carla Predelus says:

    well it stay if u go to sleep without the clear coat on your nails

  10. بدون اسم says:

    Is it easy to remove ? How? What is the white material for ? is it for nails ? or as a kind of glue?

  11. Swanygrl says:

    Hand sanitzer works too. I didn’t have rubbing alcohol either.

  12. DarkBunnyChild says:

    You can use water with newspaper, but I took an old book and ripped a page out and tryed it, it worked aswell, but nail polish remover, it may remove the basecoat.

  13. kayla wright says:

    That’s soo cool im going to try it thanks

  14. Tony McCalla says:

    wow that cool 

  15. Tony McCalla says:

    how do i put on nail

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