TV on the Web: YouTube's top 10 pranksters

TV on the Web: YouTube's top 10 pranksters
Do your April Fools' plans stack up against the best of YouTube? From an invisible driver ordering at drive-thrus to a working Mario Kart, the site lists its top 10 prank channels and their videos. Here are the most popular channels and videos on …
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YouTube celebrity Devin Graham explains his lifestyle (+video)
Devin Graham is known for his exotic and extreme YouTube videos. He's filmed almost every extreme sport Utah has to offer, from human slingshots to water jet packs. Each video has action, friends and what looks to be a massive party. What viewers …
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As Early Adopters Grow Up, Will YouTube's Audience Age In Place?
It's no secret that the average YouTube viewer is fairly young. The site's demographics page reports that 30% of its users are under 34, but that's a conservative estimate; after all, it doesn't include anyone under the age of 18, a group that includes …
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