Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots
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In its purest form music acts as a conduit of self-expression that’s free from the
conventions of society and that spirit of fearlessness lies at the core of twenty | one |
pilots, a group whose musical vision is completely their own. Over the past few years
the duo of frontman Tyler Joseph and drummer Josh Dun have built a hardcore
following that seems primed to reach a fever pitch with the release of their Fueled By
Ramen debut Vessel.

“The first song I ever played on the piano was my own. I never took any lessons,”
Joseph responds when asked about his musical background. “I looked at the piano and
realized that music was a way of being able to say something; the phrase I always use
is that ‘music is a vessel’ and that’s where the album title comes from.” Before long
Joseph was writing and recording his own demos in his basement and twenty | one |
pilots was born.

The Columbus, Ohio-based band started out like most acts but instead of aimlessly
touring they concentrated on their hometown base and before long they were selling out
huge local venues like Newport Music Hall despite the fact they only had two self-
recorded releases available. “Every show we play our hearts out because where we
come from you have to grab people’s attention and make sure that they never forget
you,” Joseph says. “In our case we were able to build up a fanbase – one that walked
with us to grab the attention of the music industry outside of our hometown eventually
opening up the doors that have led to so many opportunities to take our music around
the world on what is an amazing journey”.

The duo’s ability to build up this local base was confirmed when the band sold out the
2,300-capacity LC Pavilion last April to announce that they were signing to Fueled By
Ramen, after being courted by over a dozen labels. That’s right, there was no fancy
marketing or gimmickry that lead to twenty | one | pilots’ rise, it was based solely on the
organic relationship they cultivated with their fans via their music, live performances and
online content. “To our fans we say we never got our big break, you created our big
break. Thank you,” Joseph says.

For Vessel the band entered a real studio for the first time ever with Grammy nominated
producer Greg Wells (Weezer, Adele) to craft an album which merges elements of hip-
hop, indie rock and punk in a way that’s so seamless that you’ll be rapping along one
minute and caught up in a lush orchestral line on a song like “Car Radio ” in the next
minute. “We’re not trying to consciously do something different but we’ve just never
emulated any other bands” Joseph explains. “We’ve never fit into any particular scene
so we figured we would just make our own.”

From the impossibly catchy groove of “Semi-Automatic” to the high-energy hip-hop of
“Holding On To You” and the ambient electronic experimentation of “Trees,” Vessel is a
complex collection of songs that shows why twenty | one | pilots are the latest addition
to Fueled By Ramen’s extremely selective roster. “‘Ode To Sleep’ is a song I’m really
proud of because it’s really odd when it comes to structure; it challenges the listener,”
Joseph explains. “Ultimately I think those are the types of moments that make our fans
really connect to our music.”

Sounding so unique was never an obstacle for twenty | one | pilots early on, in fact it has
been a trait that has endeared them to their fans. “I don’t think there are a lot of bands
that can play a hardcore show one night or a hip-hop show the next night and know that
it will work,” Dun explains, adding that the band’s live performances have always been
integral to the act. “We want our fans to leave all of their problems at the door and
immerse themselves in the music, the moment, when we perform live,” he adds. “In the
end it’s a giant release for everybody.”

“We went from not having a glimmer of hope to all of the sudden having the opportunity
to leave Columbus and make a record and that’s something that we’re never going to
take for granted,” Joseph summarizes. “The songs on Vessel represent who we are and
now we get to take this collection of songs, this body of work, to the world,” he
continues. “It is not a short term thing for us, we’re planning on being around for a long

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