Twin Mail 2

Jack’s Finn’s ADDRESS: Jack Harries Artists Rights Group Ltd 4 Great Portland Street W1W 8PA London I’m aware that I spelt Maoam and Bracelet wrong… by now I think we are all aware of my dyslexia! Was also in a huge rush to get this out on time! SPREAD THE LOVE! Jack’s Twitter: Finn’s Twitter: Facebook: Shop: Website Tumblr Google+:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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19 Responses to Twin Mail 2

  1. LastEscapex3 says:

    love when finn says “its getting ridiculous, this is getting ridiculous” 2:51

  2. Emma Lane says:

    Calm down jack

  3. blackjack14421 says:

    *lip gloss * JACK : ” Just a tiny little bit ” FINN : laughing

  4. kirika20 says:

    I love how Jack sticks everything he sees on Finn’s face XD

  5. Yasmin Danine says:

    Finn, marry me?

  6. Emma D says:

    Aww I feel like poor Finn never gets at much love even tho it’s jacks channel

  7. ljkilla527 says:

    #MaoamJack #CheekyFinn #TwinMails (twin males :p )

  8. naoc teese says:

    we should meet , i live in london too ahaha

  9. Kamila Martinelli says:

    jack sounds like a monkey at 2:36

  10. 03georgia says:

    i cant subscribe 2 ur fb’s. there is no subribe just add friend.

  11. Molly Riordan says:

    haha i think that was lip gloss ^^

  12. Brianna Jeffrey says:

    Their like little kids on Christmas! aha

  13. IFeelTheAura says:

    am i the only one that watches1 twin,replay look at the next and replay and watch them all together……just me.

  14. DanielleElizza says:

    you didnt count the bracelettes you had already put on Finn

  15. CoopersConvos says:

    Hey, Im Ryan, I am new to vlogging so would appreciate if you could check out my channel, I appreciate that people do not like spamming and that’s fine. I have recently uploaded my first video and would love for people to give it a watch!!!! Thankyou!!

  16. Tîté çRàzY says:

    Jack’s face at 1:17 O_o

  17. bhibhinhi says:

    How do they keep they’re skin so clear?!

  18. Waranee Srida says:

    i love you all guy c:

  19. Sketch pad says:

    u guys r awesome! :)

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