Twitter Follower Gravitational Pull

Twitter Follower Gravitational Pull

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Do you have a Twitter Follower Strategy?

What is the rhyme or reason behind collecting followers and what will that do for you

When another twitter account follows you, their twitter stream gets merged with your stream.

I have a theory:

IF you have more content than they do… YOU have more Google Juice, their "matter" (Google Juice) accretes towards you. Your "content" gravitational pull over powers theirs.

In effect, you "co-opt" their stream and make it YOUR stream.

Darwinian isn’t it?

Survival of the fittest

Local SEO for Regional search engine marketing with Twitter as the engine driving it.

Saturn Ring Material
Photo courtesy Nasa and Wikipedia

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  1. I watched a documentary yesterday where a satellite came close enough to the rings of Saturn to figure out they are made of kazillions of ice particles anywhere from the size of a dime to the size of a house. Very interesting stuff! -Lynda

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