Twitter's epic struggle to become the next Google

Twitter's epic struggle to become the next Google
Part of Google's success came because it built a great product, a search engine that was literally so much better than all its competitors that it made them irrelevant in a few years. But equally important, it figured out (or stumbled upon, or …
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Google search reveals Indian prime minister among 'top 10 criminals'
crims.jpg The world seems to have a limited view of criminality. At least according to Google. screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET. Ours is a world listing to starboard, while we ignore our fate and pour over listicles. The Five Reasons Why and the Do …
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WWDC 2015 guaranteed to highlight growing gap between Apple and Google
While tech pundits have long insisted that Apple and Google are growing more alike as rivals in smartphone and tablet computing, this week's WWDC should provide clear evidence that Apple is on a completely different track compared to the Android train …
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