Two Best Friends Play – Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2013

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20 Responses to Two Best Friends Play – Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2013

  1. killerb2482 says:

    Zelda reference right off the bat nice

  2. GigaEXE says:

    That hippo placement was PERFECT! That had me rollin’! XD

  3. Knight Artorias says:


  4. kingboooo22 says:

    PETA is gonna be pissed LOL.

  5. Epicvort3x says:

    00:17 Haha silly Scootaloo!

  6. Thundonia says:

    Where is Cabela’s Most Dangerous Hunt: Aquatic Terror-Basking Shark Edition?

  7. JayPCM says:

    That quote sums up all video game reviewers now a days. They all sound like idiots who don’t know what they’re talking about. “Hey, I like to play video games, let me review them.” “Okay, here’s a job doing that.”. “Here is my review of Boarderlands, it has cars, it has shootey, its fucking awesome.”

  8. UNLebanon says:

    Biology:  what game designers hate most.

  9. duryduty says:

    No! Cinnamon! No!

  10. PunkHippie1971 says:

    This game is just too much for me.. omfg Just fuck all the animals.

  11. Alex Rowan says:

    Deep down. Way deep down inside. I wish. And I hope that this could be a possibility. Because it would be awesome.


    did anyone else notice scootachicken at the start?

  13. josip broz tito says:

    5% of sub base was gone thatday

  14. ItsCP70 says:

    THEIR NOT SUPER CHEETAH’S THEIR VACHEETAH’S dragon ball z reference anyone

  15. Rainbow Dash says:

    i am dying of laughter

  16. Nktalloth says:

    Oh god, this game is so ugly. I mean like, original xbox grade ugly.

  17. Sam Willorbe says:

    Time to destroy wildlife !

  18. theNOOB9547 says:

    oh my god two best friends play time crisis. the chaos they would create. i can’t wait.

  19. ATHF10 says:

    Oh my god its a herd of your mom LMFAO 

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