Two MyNetDiary Weight Loss Apps Prove Best in Independent Study

Cherry Hill, NJ (PRWEB) October 15, 2013

MyNetDiary, an established health tech company, had two of its calorie counter apps, MyNetDiary PRO and MyNetDiary (free), singled out as the top-rated weight-loss apps in an independent study conducted at UMass Medical School and published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine in October 2013.

The study, authored by behavioral psychologist and weight loss expert Sherry Pagoto, PhD and colleagues, included using and rating 30 of the most popular mobile weight-loss apps on the market, available on iPhone and/or Android platforms. Specifically, the study considered whether or not these apps contained any of the 20 behavioral strategies derived from an evidence-based weight-loss program (i.e. weight-loss goals, social cues, nutrition label reading).


MyNetDiarys apps were not only rated the best out of the group, says Sergey Oreshko, CEO of MyNetDiary, they blew all the others away. Our two apps each met 65 percent of the studys criteria and have a 5-star rating. The next closest app to us only met 25 percent of the criteria, and our apps were put up against the other popular weight-loss apps out there, including MyFitnessPal, Livestrong, and Lose It!

According to the study, the authors write, Physicians interested in referring patients to weight-loss mobile apps should select apps such as MyNetDiary that are free and include the highest proportion of evidence-based strategies. MyNetDiary PRO is built on the same evidence-based strategies as our no-cost version but provides more comprehensive feedback, flexibility, and more technology-assisted tools.

While most of the weight-loss apps studied included features like a barcode scanner or social media component, MyNetDiarys apps were singled out for having features like a library containing information about weight-loss, exercise, and nutrition strategies. Another technology-assisted strategy few apps contained, but is included with MyNetDiary, is motivational activity tracking. MyNetDiary allows its members to select average activity levels and input regularly scheduled workouts and exercises, which factor in those calories burned toward daily calorie goals.

Its important to have a study like this, not only because its independent, says Oreshko, but it shows that there are a lot of apps on the market and little guidance for the physicians who recommend them and the consumers who use them to know which ones truly work. Just because someone can make an app doesnt mean it will be a good app. MyNetDiary has always strived to build apps that can make a difference in peoples lives, not just to get the most downloads.

To learn more about MyNetDiarys apps, including its Diabetes Tracker and iPad food diary, visit To contact MyNetDiarys Marketing Director, Ryan Newhouse, call (800) 385-7461 ext. 1015.

About MyNetDiary

Launched in 2007 and with now over 4 million members, MyNetDiary is a comprehensive, modern online and mobile weight loss service that helps members lose weight safely through calorie tracking while following American Dietetic Association guidelines. MyNetDiary offers free and paid subscriptions that include personalized analysis of calorie and nutrient needs, assistance with target weight goals, access to personalized progress charts and a state-of-the-art Diabetes and Health tracking service. MyNetDiary offers iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows apps for instant mobile tracking and has been featured in USA Today, NPR Morning Edition, Health Magazine, Chicago Tribune, Mac|Life and on Lifetime Network, NBC-TV and FOX 5 in DC.

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