Ubiquitous Biometrics a Key Enabler of Trusted Transactions by 2020

Louisville, CO (PRWEB) May 23, 2007

Acuity Market Intelligence of Louisville, Colorado, an emerging technology strategy and research consultancy with a proven record of accurately anticipating biometrics market trends, today announced the availability “The Future of Biometrics”. This groundbreaking research reveals that over the next 10 to 15 years the infrastructure to enable mainstream, ubiquitous biometric authentication will be developed. By 2020, Biometrics will be a key enabler of trusted transaction control for data access and flow for consumer, commercial, and government applications.

“The Future of Biometrics” presents Acuity’s trademark brand of concise, strategic, hype-free insight into the trends, drivers, and opportunities that will shape the biometrics industry through 2020 and provides detailed market forecasts through 2015.

Key Forecasts:

Commercial deployment revenues will begin to supersede Public Sector revenues in 2012 and will represent more than 52% of the total global market for biometrics core technology by 2015.

Overall market dominance will shift from Europe (and the greater EMEA region) and the US (and the greater North America region) to Asia (and the greater Asia Pacific region). By 2014, the Asia Pacific Region will generate the greatest revenues for the biometrics industry.

Transactions will ultimately provide the majority of industry revenue. Information and financial transactions for Commercial applications by 2012 and eGoverment for Public Sector applications by 2015.

Key Analysis Findings:

A confluence of factors including the emerging central role of the Digital Identity in IT, population mobility and workforce decentralization, demand for eGovernment services, near ubiquitous reliance on digital transactions, and the inevitability of broadband access everywhere will require a level of authentication available only through the use of biometrics.

The entry of sophisticated well funded market players with technology expertise in high resolution image capture, large scale data management and high speed processing, and pattern recognition and matching algorithms from varied fields such as robotics, astronomy, and intelligent video elevate technological capability and provide the requisite knowledge for the industry to experience sustained growth.

Contactless, user acquiring biometrics will become a preferred method of authentication for two primary reasons. Capture technology will become increasingly more sophisticated operating accurately regardless of environmental conditions. Biometric authentication that does not require the user to “do anything” e.g. position themselves in relation to or have physical contact with a reader, will be prove safer (no transmission of germs) and more convenient for users.

Secure transaction capability will ultimately define the genuine opportunity for large scale, wide spread deployment of biometric technologies. The technology itself will, in many respects, become inconsequential as the applications it delvers become essential components of 21st century life.

“Acuity’s strategic insight and analysis has consistently enabled clients to position themselves well ahead of emerging market trends”, says Principal C. Maxine Most. “This has provided significant competitive advantage and enabled them to target resources increasing opportunities for success. “The Future of Biometrics” delivers this level of strategic advantage to the industry at large.”

The report is available in an innovative format and pricing model. It is presented in two parts, which can be purchased together or individually. Part One contains in-depth analysis and Part Two contains the market segmentation and forecasts.

A report preview including the Table of Contents and List of Charts, Tables and Diagrams are available at http://www.acuity-mi.com/Future_of_Biometrics.html.


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