Ubuntu for Android – Two Kinds of Linux On Your Phone

Richard Collins of Canonical Ltd demonstrates LibreOffice running under Ubuntu for Android on an Android smartphone. Ubuntu for Android has now been joined by Ubuntu Phone as a Canoncial offering in the mobile market.

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16 Responses to Ubuntu for Android – Two Kinds of Linux On Your Phone

  1. xXUsEr313131Xx says:

    only screen dock and keyboard

  2. Seiji2040 says:

    Ubuntu will mark the era of first full fledged “computerphones”.

  3. BravoIhsan says:

    Is the system box needed for this, or is the phone only connected to the screen via the dock?

  4. BravoIhsan says:

    :) Thats always the case… “Why didn’t I come up with that!”

  5. BravoIhsan says:

    Yeah, thats approximately the same time it takes on my laptop.

  6. nachx2000 says:

    What about NFC to pair (instead of a dock) and stream the desktop to a monitor through miracast?

  7. Emy Cargoes says:

    can galaxy note n7000 run this??is it avalible rite now?

  8. Juilkca says:

    Libreoffice took forever to load lol

  9. Jacob Creswick says:

    who ever filmed this should be shot

  10. ThyArgran says:

    That statement makes no sense. Android and Chrome OS are 2 totally different projects designed to run on x86 and ARM processors. Chrome OS is a desktop environment designed to be use on fully fledged PC’s with x86 Intel or ATI solutions, while Android was built around the ARM architecture used in mobile devices, just like Windows Phone and iOS.

  11. MD Serbia says:

    All depends on device, this phone has microUSB connector on the side :)

  12. Cheeta Shock says:

    Googles going to put chrome os on their phones now.

  13. rajdeep101 says:

    Can this run crisis 3?

  14. FlyGoldenEagleFly says:

    Wow thats a great idea. Why did I not come up with that :(

  15. Seve Barnett says:

    I can not see mouse and keyboard.

  16. Alex Dhika Saputra says:

    ra paham bos..

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