Ubuntu Linux 13.04 Versus Windows 8

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19 thoughts on “Ubuntu Linux 13.04 Versus Windows 8

  1. I love ubuntu 13.04, but Widows has all the games because i’m a gamer. But if your into programming or just to mess around with functions I would choose ubuntu. Also ubuntu has only cought, last time I checked was 14, but that was in 2011 or 2012. But I also like Windows because there list of games on steam and just has some more loveable futures. Sorry for my bad grammer I’m not good at spelling, p.s. I’m using ubuntu 13.04 but I’m not a die hard fan.

  2. One feature that you failed to mention in your review is the ability to press [Alt] and start typing to access menu items in Ubuntu 12.04+.

  3. I did not dislike Windows 8 when it was installed on my pc. I enjoyed pinning many of my music videos to its start menu, the UI. But my pc crashed with it. I like Ubuntu 13.04 equally as well because it does not need any virus protection, registry cleaner, etc. Linux lacks the software in its repositories, but I some have good patience and success with searching Bing and Google.

  4. Games and video editing are two things that have to be solved for Linux. While gaming seems to have at least a start thanks to Steam, it is urgent that one can access that bug free pro video editing software natively as well. I hope for paid-for applications in SoftwareCenter. And I am willing to pay for good software, rather than rely on a spare time project, where bugs are never fixed. Yes… OpenShot is very user friendly and good looking, but it crashes constantly.

  5. The day that WINE is no longer needed for anyone in Linux, is the day that Linux will start being a real competitor for Windows on desktop. WINE is an indication, that Linux is not fully grown. It’s on its way, and IMO mainly driven by Ubuntu, but still have some way to go. Ubuntu is in a phase where it is quite stable, fast, user friendly and good enough for developers, but not quite yet for the generel user. Steam is a good start though, and it may be the next phase.

  6. You don’t need to defragment windows 8, It defragments weekly at 1 am like Ubuntu, and no need to buy antivirus for windows 8, Windows defender has you covered.

  7. How can all the Windows 8 pro’s also be on the Ubuntu pro’s, except with fairly before it :D. It should only be….. more apps, better support from graphics drivers and no silly questions when you call your internet provider for support.

  8. The only reason why i would STILL use windows is because its compatability with softwares and games, yes Linux has Wine but not all games and software will run how they are supposed to. therefore i use both

  9. Ubuntu 13.04 64-bit- I just installed it. Pros: Security – No virus’, No registry, privacy from ads can be turned on, no defragging necessary, and can use unity 3 or gnome 3, 13.04 boots up fast-faster than Windows 8. Windows 8 Pro – I used it for 9 months. Pros: Runs fairly fast, except bootup, pins apts, Internet shortcuts, and other files on startup window. Nice looking. Cons: *Must have virus, malware, and spyware protection, a clean registry, degframented.* Fewer colored tiles.

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