UC Berkeley BioExec Institute – Module C: Growing Value

UC Berkeley BioExec Institute – Module C: Growing Value
Event on 2012-12-06 08:00:00
Module C: Growing Value -December 6 -7, 2012
Day 5: Deal-maker for a Day
Licensing and partnering are an integral part of the
Biopharmaceutical industry. The formerly distinct pharmaceutical
and biotechnology industries are merging into one interdependent
Biopharmaceutical Industry. Partnered products are the future of
innovation leading to a significant increase in attempts to
acquire and/or license innovation from others. Big pharmaceutical
companies will control fewer and fewer of their new products from
discovery through line extension or OTC. This Day explores the
underlying economics of deals; the different strategies for
measuring risk; and how decisions are made amidst uncertainty.
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amidst uncertainty.

Featured Topics:
• Financial trends in and pressures on the biopharma industry
• The deal market today and coming up
• The Buy-Side: What gets Big Pharma excited about an NME,
regardless of who currently owns it?
• The Sell-Side: How to prepare an asset and a biotech company to
get the best deal possible?
• De-risking the commercial prospects of a molecule
• How the molecule's commercial value impacts the deal
• Getting it in Writing: Making sure the contract reflects the
• Success after the deal closes: Effective alliance management
and post-acquisition integration issues

Day 6: CEO for a Day
Depending on the stage of a company CEO's face different
challenges. This session will explore the different stages of a
company from pre-clinical, pre/post IND, in-human through to
commercial. CEOs from BioPharma will be be on hand to discuss
their first-hand experience.

at UC Berkeley
Barrows Hall
Berkeley, United States

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