One Phillip Corso claimed he reversed engineered the technology from the ufo crash in roswell. The US Government says no. Who do you believe?
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22 thoughts on “UFO TECHNOLOGY FROM ROSWELL 1947

  1. It’s low… but not impossible. According to ex-CEO of Lockheed Skunkworks Ben Rich “we already have the technology to travel amongst the stars…” and “… anything you can imagine we already know how to do” and “these technologies are so wrapped up in black projects it would take an act of God to get them out to benefit humanity”.

  2. I agree, although some sources claim they are from our own solar system and others claim they are from some other solar system. Traveling such vast distances IS possible but I agree that they could very well be an Earthly civilization who left us behind. After all, these things have been sighted for thousands of years and even appear in religious paintings.

  3. the probability of ufos from outside of solar system is low, compare to that from earth in the past or even within solar system. there are simply too much evidence of advanced civilization on earth itself. just think, with today’s technology, we could leave a lot “ufo” stuffs for future civilization, especially some idiots among us decide to blow up the globe.

  4. indeed Wang Sichao also stted that the ufos are probes manned by robots. As for evidence deep investiations into corsos claims show that he is mostlikely telling the truth, there is vrry little evidence against him.

  5. the same “ufo” was observed at a volcano explosion on 12/21/2012 near the same area. i m just reporting.  no opinion, except that it’s no aliens, but robots left from our previous generations in the solar system.

  6. well integrated circuits and super tenacity fibers and present day cell phones with much technology we have today all seemed to have made headway around 1947 which would precipitate the unknown jump forward to one source you skeptics have no imagination so therefore will regress and not progress and move forward.if your not even open minded then whats the point in your exercise than ridicule.

  7. I am skeptical that extraterrestrial materials were found near Roswell in 1947 or any other year. There is zero evidence supporting the event and a mountain of evidence against it.

  8. Classic! “the government denied it and said, if aything, the UFO was landing far away from the volcano” – You mean they actually admitted if was a UFO?? lol.

  9. something’s definitely going on recently. on the taiwan tv program, crucial moments, yesterday, they showed a ufo going into a volcano in mexico. but the government denied it and said , if anything, the ufo was landing far away from the volcano. but 1 month later, on around 11/20/2012, the government’s own camera caught the same ufo coming out the volcano. no comment from anyone thus far.

  10. To all the non-believers: Wang Sichao of China’s Purple Mountain Observatory confirmed in 2010 that they had been observing ET craft on several occasions – they are on R&D expeditions, they have been spotted above Earth’s atmosphere on numerous occasions, their craft travel at 80% the speed of light and possibly nuclear fusion propulsion – this information was released officially in China.

  11. Corso DID do a lie detector test and was shown to be telling the truth, just as most of the other people involved. How likely is it that they would all be psychopaths capable of passing the polygraph??

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