U&I Magazine: Hot off the press is HERE!

U&I Magazine: Hot off the press is HERE!

Image by Smaku
Boxes and boxes of my U&I Magazine has finally come! Shown here is the limited run printed here in Toronto, Canada. I will be selling 200 of these in the next little while only to those in the Greater Toronto Area!

If you would like your own copy and live outside of Toronto, you can now buy your own copy from www.lulu.com/uandimag/.

Thank you all for your patience, support, and enthusiasm in making my little dream a reality!

I love it!

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11 Responses to U&I Magazine: Hot off the press is HERE!

  1. Fanis says:

    So when was that grand opening thing happening? Sorry, inagural magazine launch party…

  2. Sailor Z says:

    fantastic!!! congrats!!! very exciting!

  3. lllllllmarielllllll says:

    Congratulations Smaky!

  4. Fanis says:

    Oops… now i see it’s on the 27th of this month!

  5. Kevin In Canada says:

    I was lucky enough to see your first copy when you showed it to me a while back. I loved it and I’ll definitely be picking up a copy. Congratulations!

  6. Wesley* says:

    YAY for smaky!!!!! *party party*

  7. Bonnie BonBon says:

    you did it!!

  8. chocolate monster mel says:

    YAY Smaku! 😀 Congratulations!

  9. Smaku says:

    Thank you all! This is so exciting! Maybe I should feature a chocolate section in a future issue, eh choco monster?! hehe…

  10. 3duardo says:

    Hey Smaky – Congrats and reserve me a copy.

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