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From a web marketing agency. This presentation gives advice to website owners on what search engine optimisation entails, what the basis pricpals are and the techniques to apply. In simple terms Vincent Sandford of SEO Synovation explains it all and offers a FREE website optimisation report. English Slide 1 — 2 – 3 I am Vincent Sandford of SEO Synovation an internet marketing and search engine optimisation agency. The more you know about search engine optimisation the better your website will perform in search engine result pages. Your website will achieve higher rankings and get more visitors. Here are a few tips you should know to help you understand how Google and other search engines decide to put you on top. English Slide 4 Dominating the top positions of a search page for your chosen keyword should be a priority for each page of your website. Tip number 1 is decide the keywords for each page. Each page should be unique and should be optimised for at least the 25 best performing keywords. English Slide 5 Tip number 2. You should place your word or words in the Page Title. The page title appears in the search engine results page and at the top of your website page. When it appears in the search engine results page it is the first piece of data searchers see about your website. It should state what the page is about including keywords. It should be less than 65 characters long including spaces. Check-out your competitor’s titles and try and be

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