UK SEO Company is Now Offering Search Engine Optimization Services in Dubai

(PRWEB) March 10, 2014

With the demand from Dubai-based businesses and organizations seeking SEO services growing, one UK-based agency has made the decision to reposition itself to better serve that flourishing market. SEO Consultancy Ltd has been operating in the UK space for many years now, with its head offices located in London they has been firmly established as the finest SEO company in UK. With experience of working with UK-based clients spanning many years, its number of contracts with overseas clients has also been growing in recent years. As the bulk of those overseas contacts consists of those based in the Middle East, with the majority of those located in Dubai, the company has decided to further focus on increasing its visibility in the region.

With a new office opening in the city, the firms ability to attract new clients in need of search engine optimization in Dubai will be greatly enhanced. When speaking with the Director of the company, the reasoning behind why this expansion was initiated was revealed. Weve been gradually acquiring more and more Dubai-based clients, simply through word of mouth and from people weve worked with in the past now working out there, the Director explained. If we can already acquire clients in the city without a base there, it stands to reason we can find more firms to work with if we were to open an office in the city, he revealed.

By having a presence in the city, it is expected that SEO Consultancy Ltd can net even more Dubai-based clients in the future. It will also make visiting and dealing with existing clients that are based in Dubai a more straightforward process. Having an address and our own meeting place in Dubai that can be used at any time will make our visits to see Dubai-based clients even more convenient, the Director shared. Often on a visit we will not only have to book flights and a hotel, but also arrange a meeting space that meets our requirement, while Dubai is well served for this type of occasion, having our own offices out there will make the whole process more convenient overall, he revealed.

While the UK market will continue to be the core focus of the firm and the main source of revenue, thanks in part to a number of long term ongoing contracts, SEO Consultancy Ltd is taking its expansion into Dubai very seriously. Becoming an established SEO Dubai based agency is our main goal for the next few years, the Director espoused. So while we wont be taking our eye off the ball with our existing clients and work in the UK, our new Dubai SEO team will be solely focused on getting us established over there, he continued.

As many different types of organizations based in the West continue to look east for new clients and contracts, this UK-based SEO company is taking proactive measure to become established in the region. With a new office and a team being setup to service the local market, along with improved support for sending delegations to the city, the presence and visibility of SEO Consultancy Ltd in the region is sure to expand.

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