UK South West Law Firm Rolls Out nFlow Digital Dictation Software

(PRWEB) November 26, 2005

WBW Solicitors has begun rolling out nFlow DDS to 60 users across its five offices. WBW’s Steve Harris said, There are a number of competing products in the market but after meeting with nFlow I decided this was the product I was after. nFlow have a much better reputation for working with people on things like integration and their support structure for clients is second to none.

Mr Harris, who was involved in the early development of speech recognition software added, I have been around the voice software industry for a long time and can lend my weight to the argument that the nFlow system is one of the best on the market. As with all software there is room for improvement but I think nFlow have got the balance about right. Simple to use with the functionality I need at a competitive price! In addition I already know from the user group meetings that they are listening to me and will give me the technologies that are important to me. I am pretty sure I would not have got that from some of their competitors’.

The rollout is the first phase of a project that will eventually see the software used throughout the firm. A later phase will introduce further options to enable the software to be used by mobile users and home/office users.

About WBW Solicitors

WBW Solicitors has been part of Devon’s legal landscape for nearly two centuries. They are one of the largest and most comprehensive law firms in the South West, with expertise in all aspects of the law.

About nFlow

nFlow is one of the top 3 suppliers of advanced digital dictation software in the UK, with a strong reputation for being easy to buy. Their software delivers the best balance of simplicity and functionality in a product with a well proven and resilient reputation across many UK law firms. Its is purposely not wrapped up in expensive consultancy costs and is delivered by an innovative UK based digital dictation supplier with a pedigree of performance and service excellence, all in a competitively priced package guaranteed from day one.

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