Ultra Hal AI Chatbot Talks with another Ultra Hal AI Bot

Zabaware’s Ultra Hal is an artificially intelligent chat bot that learns from past conversations (human-to-bot) as well as from observing Twitter conversations (human-to-human). Watch what happens when one Ultra Hal bot has a conversation with another Ultra Hal bot. Visit www.zabaware.com to get your own Ultra Hal bot.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Ultra Hal AI Chatbot Talks with another Ultra Hal AI Bot

  1. Nhi Vo says:

    Hallie drinks and gets drunk alot lol.

  2. karlene8089 says:

    everything makes her sad

  3. Zombikilla10789 says:

    i have sweat running down my cleavage lol

  4. baker95j says:

    My favorite part was the whole thing.

  5. Feshman117 says:

    i love how he responds “i love crayons” for no fucking reason

  6. Raucous Indominado says:

    Holy shit, they remind me of… Bender!!!!

  7. Daroga1 says:

    “you are not wearing anything at all” “No shit hal, I’m a floating head.”

  8. JTWBat says:

    I want to be a big sister.

  9. TheTacopPieLover says:

    and sick drunks..

  10. TheTacopPieLover says:

    you work pantless..that’s cool with everyone

  11. Fnidner says:

    she insulted his brother? bitch! even though she put on weight..

  12. Diamondragan says:

    What the fuck? I know it’s good to use people as a resource for teaching AI that is intended to interact with them…but apparently the particular sources of human language being fed to this are not really helping.

  13. Kramlets says:

    LOL OK, we’ll continue this discussion later.

  14. chillycat16046 says:


  15. Nizzemancer says:

    Woah, they’re all over the place!

  16. voiceofrae says:

    still a better love story than Twilight.

  17. VectorFou4 says:

    “I love crayons… but you are not dressed”

  18. yoonikawrn says:

    “But I have pootun weight.”

  19. Oscar1459 says:

    I think the girl-bot is a better actress than Kristen Stewart

  20. lilham pisher says:

    i have sweat running down my cleavlage lol

  21. gravisan says:

    choices can be tricky hal haha

  22. Jake wazzittozya says:

    So this is what Hal9000 does in his free time…

  23. DarthPickley says:

    these robots sometimes might make you want to think they are real, but it is obvious that they have no brain or soul.

  24. Brendan Figueroa says:

    Hallie: I have sweat running down my cleavage. Me: wtf Hal: But you have put on weight. Me: WTF

  25. TheKurtzisa says:

    i want to be a big sister the fuck…?

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