Ultra-realistic Dental Training Android Robot – Showa Hanako 2 #DigInfo

Love Doll Technology Applied to Dental Practice www.diginfo.tv DigInfo TV – diginfo.tv 29 Press Conference Showa University, The Yoshida Dental MFG, Orient Industry, Waseda University, Kogakuin University, tmsuk Showa Hanako 2

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13 Responses to Ultra-realistic Dental Training Android Robot – Showa Hanako 2 #DigInfo

  1. otonanoC says:

    I knew what the comments under this video would say before I even clicked on the icon. And yep…. keep it classy, youtube.

  2. mahchymk93 says:

    Can you still use it as a “Love Doll”?

  3. HighGrade Bud says:

    So can you fuck it?>??

  4. Lobstrex says:

    Girlfriend.. HAHAHAHA

  5. Kelsey Anne-Marie says:

    Then if your girlfriend sees it you’ll have to explain

  6. LAHrebirth says:

    someone ANSWER this guy already >:(

  7. MetalGuitarEdi says:

    choking.? really.? xD

  8. awisudan says:

    so she gives blowjobs also

  9. gobberpooper says:

    well they did give it a gag reflex

  10. Yerlin Rivas says:

    Can it do… *ahem*… other things?

  11. michael83643 says:

    I want a hot sex robot girl I hope they make one in my life time hahahaha……………..

  12. OrganicKing says:


  13. AguusnekoxD says:

    Yeah 8D

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