25 Replies to “Unbox Therapy, Austin Evans, Macmixing (and more!) Share SEO Secrets”

  1. Great video! I couldn’t agree more with Dom. ALWAYS preview your videos before making them live. This is the easiest thing a content creator can do. I’ve seen too many people make the mistake of not watching before uploading.

  2. Props. This is a very well done video, Amy. It’s always nice to see what tactics my friends are using to gain all their YT fame. I admit, I’ve slacked on a few of these and will be getting back into it. I like Jon’s idea of tag correlation. Never thought about that.

  3. What amazing combination..Savvy Sexy & Social…love your videos!..this one was really interesting see what the big boys do in SEO…maybe next video some girls too..greetings from Japan!

  4. ) I splish splash while I’m takin a bath Grab a handful of pills, break em in half, take em and laugh White trash — fuckin your wife in the ass While you’re out siphoning gas for your lawnmower to cut the grass

  5. Had to watch it 3 times to catch EVERY bit of info… but +Savvy Sexy Social you are SO helpful for making this video! Thanks to +Unbox Therapy +Jonathan Morrison +macmixing +Austin Evans and +PhoneBuff for the amazing insights!

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