Unboxing : Paracord Heaven + 50 Round Magazine!

Thank you so much!

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25 Responses to Unboxing : Paracord Heaven + 50 Round Magazine!

  1. aaaaflasd says:

    You should carry a paracord key chain

  2. Rainydayarmadillo says:


  3. Bob O says:

    I rApe your mom and your family I come up there I cut  the eye holes out th in shove my big Asian cock in there and then I fuck them the

  4. Knifekutz says:

    Cutlerylover, why the fuuuuck did you block me? My account is BrazzMonkey9 and you blocked me a few days ago. I sent you a message. Please don’t be like those sour puss youtubers with no sense of humor.

  5. Mrkryptohawk says:

    Most Likely His iPhone

  6. AirsoftM1911 says:

    Did you lose more weight?  if you have, good job!!

  7. Dasdfjkl says:

    You look slim. How did that happen.

  8. CatchMyThrowingKnife says:

    ooh mawh gawd 50 round magazine hes obviously a bad bad man! haha 😉

  9. cboakes246 says:

    BX-25 is the best on the market Butler Creek makes a decent one also but a metal feeder in the clips is a must everything else will wear out due to rubbing of the slide

  10. cboakes246 says:

    You need the clips with metal feeders where the rounds come out the one you got will wear and be junk after 4-500 rounds been there done that

  11. gobigorgohomenow101 says:

    Forget about the “zip22″ buy a 10/22 that’s actually reliable and a good gun

  12. memphis024 says:

    This reminded me of BOB!!!! Where’s BOB?

  13. infesting says:

    Reychong4 just search around youtube and u can see what paracord is used for. Its has 1000 uses.

  14. reychong4 says:

    What is the use of paracords

  15. ChickenNDumplins1 says:


  16. Justin Watkins says:

    i use one just like that for my old 22! work great and look really cool with my tactical style rifle.

  17. AlittleSmokey says:

    Awesome “K” as in knife! Very cool YABO.

  18. edehead357 says:

    i own a crkt hissatsu myself and i have to say the tip on the hissatsu series of knives is actually stronger than it looks

  19. Cole Knippen says:

    Hey Jeff, you should make an altoids survival tin

  20. rc9950int says:

    Hi Jeff. Will you review the CRKT Swindle?

  21. TheZippoNation says:


  22. br1nker says:

    You’re still looking pretty skinny man. In your other videos you’ve been lookin good. Nice job!

  23. juggaloclown111 says:

    i read that as shinny lol im tired

  24. zhaneranger says:

    What type of watch are you wearing now? It wasn’t in your latest EDC video.

  25. nilo drallub says:

    wife beater shirt ???

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