Understanding Google Analytics September 2016

Understanding Google Analytics September 2016
Event on 2017-08-02 09:00:00
Are you measuring how well your website is performing? Do you have Google Analytics installed but don't understand the information it provides? Google Analytics is one of the most popular tools that website owners use to understand how their website is performing whilst the Webmaster Toolkit gives website owners an insight into what Google actually thinks of their site and whether there are any problems with the site that will hold it back in the search results and yet many people don't understand how vital the information is and how Analytics and Webmaster Tools can be used to understand how visitors are using your website and the impact that any changes are having. This workshop will Show you how to set up a Google Analytics Account and set up Google Analytics on your website Explain all of the key data that Google Analytics provides and how you can use it to improve your website Show you how to create customised reports that focus on the information you really need Demonstrate how Analytics can link to Google Ads to provide really valuable information about visitors to your website Show you how to set up the Google Search Console Explain the key information that the Search Console provides

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