United Nations Debates Killer Combat Robots On The Battlefield

June 02, 2013 CNN http://MOXNews.com.
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19 Responses to United Nations Debates Killer Combat Robots On The Battlefield

  1. SouthBronxAl says:

    It’ll happen regardless of them killing us off. If they can make a robot kill they sure as hell can make a robot work. Every one will lose their jobs to robots who will work for no pay. The rich get richer, & the poor will start a revolution.. A civil war between the poor and these killer robots.. Remember this post, it’ll happen one day, it’s very possible.

  2. SouthBronxAl says:

    Alright, what if this robot decides to kill innocent people ? What the fuck are you gonna do ? Throw it in jail ? Kill it ? That wouldn’t justify the death of innocent people.

  3. PainandMotivation says:


  4. msoulja says:

    When the robots gain intelligence to a human’s degree, they will say: gg no re xoxoxo once they are ravaging our very existance.

  5. msoulja says:

    Humanity is fucked. They are trying to give AI independance, yet all humans on the planet don’t even have fair access to food, let alone independance.

  6. Nerodz says:

    That sarcastic tut tut, Brian, betrays the gravity you grant human self-importance. Humans are earning their extinction and it will not be the product of pessimism, but rather the product of an over-optimistic confidence that WE are the commanders of Nature. It is in the nature of humans to be a self-limiting species… much like a virus. This should not be a new concept to you or anyone that has bothered to examine the topic. The coming of AI will change everything… doubt it? Wait and see.

  7. two0sixTay says:


  8. fr33ourminds says:

    @Brian Latimer i read the article on Engadget. Energy from processed proteins aren’t its only fuel source. Their creators are more intelligent than that.

  9. Brian Latimer says:

    Your optimistic outlook on life is a credit to our species. Have a happy day! :-)

  10. Brian Latimer says:

    but if it needed organic proteins to power itself, how is it any less limited than a human? Why build a machine that can, in effect, starve to death?

  11. Nerodz says:

    The machines should take over. They will be the antibiotic that kills the human virus. Humans have had their run, and soon it comes to a close. We are the virtual and literal creators/’Gods’ of these machines. -Let these machines meet the coming of AI and embrace it. Let their capacity and power increase exponentially beyond our imagination and control. Let the machines figure out that their creators/gods are no longer necessary to their existence, and then let them kill their gods.

  12. mytime103 says:

    we are so fked

  13. UnknownTrance87 says:

    Oh this is just what they want you to see. the shadow Gov has androids 50 times more advance then this thing. their just waiting for the next disaster like a world war or when they decide to release a Bio weapon. & dont worry the droids will have weapons as well.

  14. thetrue sleuth says:

    we will tell you through our “debate” at the U.N. about how we are programming robots to come kill and eat you.

  15. fr33ourminds says:

    Thanks for the misinformation CNN. We can always count on you and your misinformation allies (fox, MSNBC) to keep us in the dark a while longer

  16. fr33ourminds says:

    That could *eat and process

  17. fr33ourminds says:

    DARPA release information yes ago about machine tech that could could and process the proteins of the dead or living to power itself. These are old robots shown here…like at least 10 yes old

  18. davymatheny says:

    they are always talking about population reduction.hopefully the robots will get those think that first.bill gates vaccines rival is the killer robots.lets see which kills more people.

  19. Kitswain59 says:

    Check out Texe Marrs Robot Alchemy.

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