Unity Consciousness, Part 1 of 4

Know Who You Are through time & space
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18 thoughts on “Unity Consciousness, Part 1 of 4

  1. Any constant can be taken away from both sides of the equation. If God is constant then why not take him out the equation. It is all a matter of connections. Become free of beliefs and accept the flow of love through these connections. Love is an energy you can’t hold on to so give it away. Have a nice day.

  2. The energy behind all these changes is called Christ Light or Love Light. The unfolding of this Light and the subsequent unfolding of the Christ Consciousness, coming from the highest realms of heaven, create tremendous change. We on Earth are on a sacred mission to move forward to a higher place of consciousness and better way of being. We are evolving into a place where war, disease and famine become distant memories and suffering becomes a thing of the past.

  3. I don’t know what a pantheist is, exactly. I see the divine within and all around me. I see mystical seeds of truth in many earth religions, although I subscribe to none. If this is a pantheist, then possibly I could be classified as such.

  4. Absolutely Magnificent. Thanks for the friends invite, it seems the timing has come just right. Recently, I came across Itzhak Bentov’s From Atoms to Cosmos on his views and perspective of the Universe, Omniverse, he was a brilliant man. Thank you for sharing your message and wonderful videos. Namaste

  5. Wow cool video, very interesting. It’s good to see this sort of stuff on the net rather then mind numbing bs all over the tv. Too bad the gov will be taking control of the net soon just as they have control over the tv, oh well. :/

  6. Thanks. Yes, I believe if you run across any differences, it is most likely in the way I express myself: semantics, or different meanings to terms or words that we may unconsciously hold as individuals within time & space. I hope you have found its message spiritually uplifting. Thanks again. ~Dane

  7. I’m watching your “Unity Consciousness”video now,it is close to my own belief to..(only have some Small adjustments, and as maxwell says only trust some one that is looking for the truth;-)

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