Universal Nutrition Releases Preworkout Supplement Phenomenon, Shock Therapy™

New Brunswick, NJ (PRWEB) August 5, 2005

Universal Nutrition is proud to introduce Shock Therapy™, the only complete preworkout optimizer. Blending potent muscle building agents, stimulants, antioxidants and nootropics for focus and mental acuity, Shock Therapy™ covers all the bases in terms of maximizing gym intensity.

Shock Therapy’s™ fusion of powerful ingredients help provide a forceful spark in intensity and mental focus for each and every workout—throughout the entire workout. But that’s just the beginning. Shock Therapy™ also helps increase strength, muscle volume, pumps, vascularity and overall performance in the gym. Combining the strongest nitric oxide boosters and advanced forms of creatine with brain-boosting nootropics and key NO-related antioxidants, Shock Therapy™ is the ultimate mind-body rush. Shock Therapy™ is that rare, extraordinary supplement whose effects can be seen and felt working just moments after the first dose.

For more than twenty years, Universal Nutrition has been a leading bodybuilding and sports nutrition manufacturer dedicated to developing superior nutritional supplements and bars for a wide range of strength athletes. With five locations in the United States and abroad, Universal Nutrition products can be found in over 50 countries. For more information, please visit: http://www.UniversalNutrition.com.


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