Universal Ranking/Seeding Thoughts For Competitive

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23 Responses to Universal Ranking/Seeding Thoughts For Competitive

  1. TinaIsMLG says:


  2. Ryan Kellog says:

    No you’re an idiot Kurosion FUCK YOU!!!!!!! You don’t FUCKING understand!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Conveyable Carries says:

    do u use stock and lazer

  4. Troy Bartels says:

    Do you want to pay 10-20 people to sit thier and cunch numbers on every single team that plans on attending events… along with CRAZY outliers and situations that i garuntee you havent thought of

  5. curselikfucknsailors says:

    youre not an oreo youre more like a vanilla wafer

  6. Brendan Willis says:

    1. The whole qualifier was double elimination. Why the fuck do you think there was a losers and a winners bracket..? 2. Nobody is complaining about the loss. They are complaining about how poorly it is set up. And why there is so much at stake for a major Lan event. Such as, the way the qualifiers were ran. best of 3s, map vetos, and so on. 3. You probably dont understand anything im saying because youre an idiot.

  7. nintendude60 says:

    sure bud, just win and don’t complain when you lose. sounds fair to me.

  8. Brendan Willis says:

    Lol you are an idiot and completely clueless of how it works.

  9. MeagerlessGB says:

    Hello everyone, Sorry to spam… It’s just I don’t know how to expose my Videos out. I hope someone sees this. Will you guys just take a glance at my videos? I make videos of GB and Commentaries and have lots of fun! Thank you so much, Have a Nice Day!

  10. oPenGuiin209o says:

    First Video i hear bezo no acting like a jackass Lol!

  11. UMG Jeff says:

    thanks for the mention! <3

  12. yesLevi says:

    intro song?

  13. nintendude60 says:

    How about if you win, you move on? and if you lose you go to another bracket. double elimination. Yeah it sucks to have good teams knock out other good teams, but the fact of the matter is. You shouldn’t put politics into a tournament. If you lose to a good team then sorry, you need to try harder next time. I don’t really get the complaining. You are there to compete, not to find the easiest route possible to maybe get lucky and win it all.

  14. AzzwhoopenYT says:

    Some really good ideas but I don’t think there is a need to have that many different factors for points. Winning/losing points based on the score of the match is a really good idea, that would force teams to stay hyper competitive even if up or down by a large amount and improve the viewing experience.

  15. ExampLesGB says:

    I’ve been liking your vids lately BeZo. No screaming and all that. Keep them coming :)

  16. MLGBTips1 says:

    Keep up the coms

  17. Eric Cartman says:

    thats why console is a joke, connections.

  18. joey5636 says:

    your mic is awful good com tho

  19. GTScoreboard says:

    I agree.

  20. Ehab Degachi says:


  21. TheInclinate says:

    Dang, I missed the stream but still good video, I’ve been loving your uploads lately

  22. NEXMidjetzZ says:

    I like the video commentarys man do more, and yoour on the Obey comp team right?

  23. Realtyler105 says:

    Bezo play dubs with me . Ima 2k

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