Unknown Sites Dominate Google 'Pirate' Search Results

Unknown Sites Dominate Google 'Pirate' Search Results
So, with the big sites mainly disappeared from the first pages of results, would the movie still be easy to find using “dawn of the planet of the apes torrent” as a search? Simple answer – yes. Not only that, sites the majority of people have never …
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See Just How Much Google Knows About You
Go to the page and you can see where you were on any given particular day. This falls into the category of the type of metadata, or descriptive information about what you do, that the NSA was so interested in collecting. Realize that location doesn't …
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Driving Marketing Results with Big Data
The data even shows how long that buyer watched a video or lingered on a page carrying the ad. … Paying search engines for stimulating clicks that led to purchases was fine, but most consumers take a more circuitous route to their final decisions.
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