Unleashing the Accidental $710,000 Secret Formula

Rockville, MD (PRWEB) May 25, 2013

The Big Idea Mastermind announces their latest launch that provides access to a one-of-a-kind automated marketing system which allows ordinary people to go from zero to over $ 5,000 per month.

The founding member of this latest course in online marketing, Vick Strizheus teaches members how to earn a realistic income of $ 5,000 within 30-60 days, double it in the next 60 and to have a 100% success rate every single time.

So the first video focuses on the “secret formula” on how to be successful online. It’s broken down into three parts: the vehicle, the engine and the fuel. This ‘secret formula’ could be applied to any area you want to be successful in, not necessarily just to earn a lot of money online. With zero marketing dollars and a modest mailing list of just 1,300 subscribers, Vick Strizheus generated $ 710,000 in 28 days. He posted up an introductory video where he briefly goes over this story, and then he encourages everyone to watch his video series to see how anyone can achieve the same kind of success by doing the polar opposite of what everybody else is doing online.

Click here to learn more about this innovative and first-of-its-kind system visit the Big Idea Mastermind website.

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