Unreal Engine 4 “Rivalry” Demo — Google I/O 2014

Unreal Engine 4

Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 ‘Rivalry’ project demonstrated at Google I/O shows what’s possible when PC-class gaming technologies and performance are brought to mo…

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14 Responses to Unreal Engine 4 “Rivalry” Demo — Google I/O 2014

  1. NVIDIA says:

    What can Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 do with AEP running on our Tegra K1 processor? Check out the video here: Unreal Engine 4 “Rivalry” Demo — Google I/O 2014 ‪#‎io14‬

  2. Taylor Wimberly says:

    Just imagine what Tegra K2 can do… 

  3. Jason Long says:

    Does anyone think that this may take off? I think that it might as long as Nvidia doesn’t try to limit it to something like the Shield. Unreal Engine 4 “Rivalry” Demo — Google I/O 2014

  4. Urs Hölzle says:

    Worth watching: incredibly detailed graphics coming to Android tablets later this year. (Bonus: no violence in the demo video :-)

  5. Sascha Prüter says:

    Wanna see the Unreal Engine 4 demo we showed during the #io14 keynote running on #androidtv ? Note this is not pre-rendered, this is the actual game engine running on Android TV unit. I can actually navigate through this level, watch the reflections more closely, etc.

  6. Nehad Hussain says:

    This is epic. And i am super excited to see this in a mobile device. However, my biggest concern is the *battery life*

  7. much0J says:

    2 characters, one room, no physics (except for sparks). WOW

  8. TheJamsh says:

    While I don’t understand the point of Tablet and Mobile gaming in the slightest (especially given that you have a 0.00004% chance of making a successful title statistically), it’s impressive from an optimization point of view. However, I still wouldn’t play full games on a tablet. It will always be a gimmick to me.

  9. Jean-Christophe deyagere says:

    Attention les yeux sur mobile ^^ +Yannick Comte +Alex Frêne 

  10. Joe Ramirez says:

    720p doesnt give this justice

  11. GoldenPartyYT says:

    Why 720p????? I wanna watch this video at 1440p :(

  12. slannmage says:

    All well and good until you look at the battery life and then it ends up not being worth it, rather just play games from my PC.

  13. CryZENx says:

    Lol Flappy Bird

  14. cbdawgpound says:

    tegra k1 kills xbox one.

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