Unreal Engine 4 “Rivalry” Demo — Google I/O 2014

Unreal Engine 4

Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 ‘Rivalry’ project demonstrated at Google I/O shows what’s possible when PC-class gaming technologies and performance are brought to mo…

14 thoughts on “Unreal Engine 4 “Rivalry” Demo — Google I/O 2014

  1. What can Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 do with AEP running on our Tegra K1 processor? Check out the video here: Unreal Engine 4 “Rivalry” Demo — Google I/O 2014 ‪#‎io14‬

  2. Does anyone think that this may take off? I think that it might as long as Nvidia doesn’t try to limit it to something like the Shield. Unreal Engine 4 “Rivalry” Demo — Google I/O 2014

  3. Wanna see the Unreal Engine 4 demo we showed during the #io14 keynote running on #androidtv ? Note this is not pre-rendered, this is the actual game engine running on Android TV unit. I can actually navigate through this level, watch the reflections more closely, etc.

  4. While I don’t understand the point of Tablet and Mobile gaming in the slightest (especially given that you have a 0.00004% chance of making a successful title statistically), it’s impressive from an optimization point of view. However, I still wouldn’t play full games on a tablet. It will always be a gimmick to me.

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