Urban Dictionary becomes anthropologist of web

Urban Dictionary becomes anthropologist of web
Then, they rushed to Urban Dictionary to figure out what that was — making "twerk" one of the most-searched terms on the site all year. That is just one of many examples of … The child of a public-school teacher and an artist, Peckham has a history …
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Facebook buzzing over 'privacy' suit
The decision to place web ads on the world's most popular social media platform has led to both criticism and debate from Wall Street analysts, investors and the Facebook community alike. InvestorPlace is reporting that stock prices had dropped 5% in …
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Fan mail for Pancham
They are only getting more popular. Listening to the four-song medley, which begins with a high-pitched trumpet note played by your favourite trumpet player George Fernandes, I feel the same rush of adrenalin as I did 35 years ago. Then there are …
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