URL Shortener Free Hosted User Pages To Turn Any Web Page Into Customized Tweets

Deer Park, NY (PRWEB) July 28, 2010

Outspoken and colorful URL shortener service OneCent.US founder Bill Purkins today has formally introduced new free features offered by the site, its own customizable user pages that allow anyone to maintain a free hosted page on the upstart site, up to a megabyte in size with no content restrictions other than:

“George Carlin’s seven words, libel, slander or adult X rated themes or content. Otherwise? It’s freedom of speech in action,” Purkins said.

The premiere feature is the ability for users maintain lists of favorite blogs, RSS feeds and web sites or even allow the entry of an ad-hoc URL. These can then be selected from and retrieved, and the system summarizes either all or all new links on it, effectively a working dashboard page to view, email, and Tweet from.

“It’s elegant,” said Purkins. The title becomes the Tweet message and with the URL goes through our free URL Shortener. Take it as is or customize it. Hit a button and you’re off. Tweeted items go to history and you have our free tracking to monitor real time clicks and other metrics. bit.ly charges it’s “enterprise users” $ 995 a month for that.”

Options exist to remove links so there is always a running “What’s New” list to work from, and checkboxes to build a list. You may then run them directly from the page on a timer basis which default to 60 minutes but you can change that to as fast as 1 minute. It remains the user’s responsibility to work within Twitter’s terms of service and noted that the free service is strictly for the personal use of the users.

Also, you can build a list of Tweets and export it to a text or spreadsheet delimited file.

The OneCent.US site asks you to imagine:

1. a list of your latest blog entries…

2. your favorite political RSS feed…

3. your entire web site listed…

4. a list of search engine queary results….

Then says, “Stop imagining. It works. It’s here. And it’s YOURS after signing up starting Monday August 2nd, 2010.”

Purkins adds, “If you lack technical skills? We will help you for free, assist you with MySQL databases and PHP programming, guest books, the usual suspects, as well as any other applications you can dream up.

Purkins spent 29 years writing software, a number of mission critical operational systems for some of the largest US Fortune 500 International division household names. These programming and consulting services will be free to OneCent.US users who get on board starting today.

“Basically, I’ve made myself an indentured servant for a little while, but it’s worth it,” he said. “Give freely they say…”

“If we get a hundred people, 90 of ’em are gonna want the same things. Only have to manage my time right. Obviously, we can’t do every single request, but if fifty people have the same basic desire, we’re gonna do it. We’ve already got a track record of responding to user enhancement requests. Just look at our testimonial and success stories.”

Asked, is this really just another social network, he was quick to answer very adamantly,

“Absolutely not. Sure, you can have a profile and post your photo album and or whatever you want, but who needs another fluff site? Sure, you got to have friends, but this is to freely exchange information, not brag about how much your vacation cost. Between Facebook and Twitter and Email I think we’re all pretty well connected in this golden age of communications. This is just a way to leverage it in a unique and powerful way.”

As a final enticement, the first 25 Twitter users with 5,000 followers or more who email or call starting today are being offered a free press release or article, their choice, from OneCent.US advertiser how-to-get-on-page-1-of-google, which has a proven track record of getting its efforts on Google page 1 to 4 at low prices.

“Results are not guaranteed, but it’s usually a page 1 to 4 ranking, and it happens with a press release within hours, while an article takes a few days.” Purkins said. “If you don’t like the result, they’ll delete it for you. It’s no risk.”

To qualify for the free writing services you must a US business with a web site to promote, and also have 5,000 or more Twitter followers, and agree to try OneCent.US for a week as your URL shortener.

“We’re not going to check if they use us though. And if you don’t like us after a week? No hard feelings. We know our place. We have no pretensions or expectations of making even the slightest dent in bit.ly’s share of the marketplace. They’re the Rolls Royce of the industry. All we wanna be is the hottest little red convertible running down a beach road on a perfect Summer day.”

The free user pages will have a registration page up on the site on Monday, August 2nd, at 9 am Eastern time. It will ask for your email address as well as to set a password. Everything else will be optional entry.

The free press releases and articles though, are available starting now, as OneCent.US says they want some testimonials to go along with the August 2nd membership drive.

If you feel you are qualified for the free press release or article offer, you are invited by OneCent.US to email them at mailto:onecentdotus@yahoo.com or call them (9 am – 9 pm eastern time Monday to Saturday) at 631-455-8756 starting right now.

The home page for the free URL Shortener is http://OneCent.US and the details on the new features described in this press release can be seen at http://OneCent.US/userpages.php .

OneCent.US is a for profit business and offers free services with no warranty or guarantee of any kind to its users. It also donates 90% of its advertising revenue to charities selected by users each time they shorten or customize a URL.


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