US Asks Court to Reject Google Bid to Release Data

US Asks Court to Reject Google Bid to Release Data
Google Inc. (GOOG), Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) and Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO) shouldn't be allowed to publish how much data they turn over to intelligence agencies, the U.S. told a secret national security court. Revealing such data “on a company-by-company basis …
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Hands-on with Google's latest acquisition: Flutter, a webcam gesture app
A company called Flutter has just announced that it has been purchased by Google. Flutter is a simple Windows and Mac OSX app that lets you control popular media players through a webcam. Just put your hand up to stop the media playback, or point your …
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This is the first interesting search engine since Google
It's hard to build a really new search engine. Microsoft has spent enormous resources trying to convince people that Bing's search results are just as good as Google's. Bing has won market share, but not at Google's expense. Other Google alternatives …
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