US election fever

Examining the re-election of Obama and the prospect of four more years of partisan journalism in a deeply divided US. Plus, Argentina’s president versus the media – a look at a power struggle being fought in the name of democracy on both sides.

12 thoughts on “US election fever

  1. America is bankrupt you moron, and Obama spent 5.2 trillion in 4 years plus the 20 trillion for the other banks in Europe they do not talk about, oh wait reality is a conspiracy theory, so is Marxism…. right, So in this bankrupt country they re-elected the Marxist even though he’s a mass murderer, even though the economy is worse and he spends more than any Republican president ever coulld. Mitt Romney smiled when he conceded because Obama being president means he’s making A LOT MORE MONEY.

  2. Conspiracy theories like the Nazis aka Republicans and the Communists aka Democrats fixing elections? What did Stalin say about elections? All that matters is who counts the votes, and there’s only one corporation in the US that calculates and announces the winner, an immense amount of REAL VOTER SUPPRESSION like New Black Panthers and NAACP Obama posters, hats, caps in POLLING STATIONS… Search Bev Harris Black Box Voting, she’ll give you a real breakdown of voting fraud,

  3. I hate when government is trying to control media, and they call themselves as democracy. in fact, it’s not really different from dictatorship. I am South Korean and my country is also in danger of freedom of press. Ruling party and government are ruining my country. They must hear opposition voices. I am really worry my country will turn out like Argentina and Russia. Journalism = Social distortion? that is just bullshit.

  4. Muslim supremacy gangs (BBC News) . …. Muslim supremacy gangs control the streets in . .. .United Kingdom, ..Sweden, .Norway,. ..Germany, …Netherlands, . .Finland, … Austria, …France, ..Spain, ….Portugal . and . . Italy. .. …. Muslim gangs code is Europe is only for Muslim ……… .and whites must be annihilated. . ……..Muslim supremacy gangs kill 22 white Europeans per week and . ….. .rape 2 white women per week. .

  5. Thank God the communist party managed to beat the Nazi party, and good `ol comrade Stalin is still in control! Whatever would we do otherwise? I would like to personally thank all the cretins who voted for the two criminals who were running. Without your contribution the winner would not have had any legitimacy at all, and no mandate to commit all the crimes they are hired to pull off during their time in office. Truly, without you democracy could not work!

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