18 Replies to “US government threatened Yahoo with $250k fines for users data – Truthloader”

  1. Documents revealed yesterday showed the US government threatening to fine #Yahoo $250,000 a day for not handing over sensitive information about its customers. Just how much surveillance has the government been doing on these tech companies? Watch today’s new video now: http://bit.ly/1qPKnrW #NSA #Snowden #PRISM 

  2. Thanks, the info will be added to my research on our Regime. The communist bankster, NWO is moving right along. We need all new government. I think we may be getting some new blood this November. All career bureaucrats and their thug handlers need to go. 

  3. Lol. In the other hand, just how independent is truth loader? Owned by a major network, and likely controlled by the same NSA that blackmailed yahoo….. That you can complain about being stripped of your freedoms while pretending that Russia and Syria and wherever the US’s tentacles are worse regimes, worse than complete control of every aspect of the media, and our private information.

  4. Well I could use this to get information about abusive cops and post their info for all the nation. If it is ok forr them to do it against us it is ok for all purposes against them .

  5. You should not trust Yahoo or *any other American company* with your data, due to things like this. Remember too, there is a law that says the U.S. government can read your email if it is left on servers for more than six months. Therefore, I switched from Yahoo mail to Russia-based Yandex.com mail. I’m very happy with the service there.

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