US Military Building Space Robot to Recycle Satellites (Video)

US Military Building Space Robot to Recycle Satellites (Video)
A Pentagon project to harvest and reuse parts from dead satellites is gaining steam, and a new video shows how the far the military program has come in its first few months. The new video serves as a progress report through last November for the …
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A Robot Lumberjack Chainsaws Trees Into Chairs
The 7xStool is a furniture set carved by a robot wielding a chainsaw. An invention of Tom Pawlofsky and Tibor Weissmahr in conjunction with Echtwald and Kkaarrlls, the robot is basically a performance artist running a CAD script. In about 35 minutes …
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FDA Approves iRobot RP-VITA Robot to Work in Hospitals
iRobot makes robots for all sorts of needs in the military and other business areas. In the consumer space, the company is probably best known for its line of robotic vacuum cleaners, including the Roomba and Scooba. Last year, iRobot started trials of …
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