USB Turntables: Rediscover Your Old Record Collection

USB Turntables: Rediscover Your Old Record Collection
If you're old enough to remember when vinyl was king, then you might still have a record collection somewhere (like in the attic). Modern stereo systems seldom come with turntables and so over time you may have simply lost touch with your sizable …
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Bruce Springsteen Gift Guide for Black Friday and beyond
For 15 bucks you get the limited-edition colored vinyl, mp3 download and, since all proceeds benefit Project Bread, a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Five bucks will get you just the mp3, if vinyl isn't your bag. And for another option, there's also Nils …
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Chatwing Dev Team Releases Free Chat Widget for Sentimental Music Podcast
The Chatwing Development Team has recognized this important fact, which led the company to introduce a MP3 feature in its latest free chat box. The MP3 feature allows a Chatwing user to upload a single MP3 song link. This will make the Chatwing …
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