Used 2003 Ford Focus Engines Now Reduced in Price for Consumer Sales Online at

Rockford, Illinois (PRWEB) June 15, 2013

The success of the Ford Focus brand of vehicles has renewed the public popularity in earlier editions. The demand for used 2003 Ford Focus engines has helped the company to locate and offer these engines for sale. These motors are now reduced in sale price online at as a special incentive for buyers.

This price reduction for the Duratec brand of Ford motors is now set up to help vehicle owners or mechanics searching for reliable replacement motors for earlier Focus vehicles online. This preowned inventory is now added to on a regular basis.

The late model edition Zetec engines that were first used for the first edition Focus provided the introduction to this vehicle type in the U.S. The European sales success of this brand helped Ford to introduce this type to domestic buyers with a new engine type. The introduction of the Duratec brand of motors inside the Focus helped other vehicles in the lineup achieve consumer confidence.

The issuance of the preowned motors from the Motor Universe company is expected to provide the resources unable to be located in some parts of the country. Automobile owners unable to rely upon local distributors to find decade old motors can now find most engines produced in the company database online.

“We’re currently adding more dealers able to supply our database with vintage engine types,” a source from the company added. Automakers generally produce engine variants based on technologies used when engines are introduced. Increases in automotive technology creates new engine types that can make older engines obsolete in a short period of time.

“Inventory included for consumer sale now goes back three decades to make engines easier to find,” the source added. The search methods now supplied on the company website have been approved this year as suppliers change and include different inventory for sale.

The current inventory of passenger car and sedan motors has been steadily increased this year in both V6 and V8 sizes. Both Ford and Chevrolet engines can now be found listed at reduced prices. The news announcement made at alerted Chevrolet engine buyers of the Cavalier motors the can now be found online. These increases in engine type and overall quality are helping the Motor Universe company to provide alternative resources for purchase compared with other sellers in the secondary market.


The company lists its expanding inventory of preowned automobile engines for consumer sale on its website. Supplier partnerships with trusted companies have made the current inventory searchable online possible in the United States. The preowned editions for Ford, Dodge, Chevy, Jeep, Honda, Chrysler, Toyota and Plymouth are selected for mileage count and exterior condition prior to insertion into the searchable database. The company is staffed by its experts in the auto business who work to locate better pricing and quality motors through relationships with domestic companies. The company website provides an alternate tool to find current prices for in stock motors.

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