User Experience & Analytics for Publishers

User Experience & Analytics for Publishers
Event on 2015-12-01 08:00:00
Only a few publishers have got to grips with consumer engagement online, many more still aren’t equipped to do much about it.  Have you invested in optimisation? Not SEO, the User Experience?  Do you know your customers and do you know what an optimal experience looks like? This workshop will reveal the immediate benefits of a commitment to optimisation.   It will also make you aware of and help you remove the barriers that prevent publishers from analysing and reacting appropriately to user behaviour.   Spotting anomalies in user behaviour, trends and patterns is an essential piece of the engagement jigsaw.  So, if you don’t know what is possible using Data Analytics, if you are not even sure what it is?  Don’t make the mistake of ignoring it!  Analytics and optimisation are here to stay and they are more important than ever. This breakfast workshop will open your eyes to the value of optimisation and analytics.  It will include real world stories of successes and failures.   You will learn the questions you need to be asking and what your company needs to be doing in order to drive success.  You will also take away a set of actions to kick start your commitment to both.   Optimising your website and committing to data analytics will:  revolutionise and invigorate your online business dramatically improve consumer engagement and  directly impact your bottom line  Co-Facilitators  Peter O'Neill: Recognised as one of the leading European experts in Data Analytics.  He is a passionate speaker, business consultant and entrepreneur who is helping to change the way consumer-facing businesses think about data.  Peter will leave you in no doubt about the real value of analytics and you might just be surprised what you can achieve!  He is the founder of L3 Analytics, a consultancy based in London.  He and his team work with clients of all sizes helping them use data to improve their business performance.  Craig Sullivan: A User Experience champion with a wealth of experience gained working with high street retailers and leading brands. Craig’s skills base includes UX, usability testing, User Centred Design, online marketing, customer insight, web analytics and multi-variate testing.  Craig is a contributor to respected publications, industry events and expert panels.  In recent years he has helped drive an additional £400M in revenue into consumer facing companies.  He has led the Conversion Optimisation, UX strategy and Analytics programmes of global brands in over 19 languages and 33 countries.  Craig writes regularly for Econsultancy on user experience and mobile strategy and is an insightful presenter and outspoken tweeter @OptimiseorDie.

at St Bride Foundation
Bride Lane Off Fleet Street London
City of London, United Kingdom

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