Launches Live Chat Software Service At No Cost To Businesses

Danbury, Connecticut (PRWEB) February 07, 2014 is a new player in the live chat software arena. They hope to turn the industry upside down by offering their services to businesses at no cost.’s live chat software can help companies increase online sales, average order value, reduce shopping cart abandonment and improve their support.

Getting the software onto a site is very simple. All a business has to do is copy and paste a small code snippet that UserSprout provides, onto the pages on their site where they want the chat.

Visitors these days expect to be able to get instant satisfaction and answers to their questions. If a business doesn’t provide that, the back button, Google and ultimately competitors are only a click away. Potential customers hate having to wait for snail email or worse having to use the phone.

Customers love being able to get instant support and businesses can support many more customers than with traditional phone support. Agents can only talk with 1 customer at a time on the phone, but yet they can be servicing up to 6 customers at once with live chat. The interface for chat agents to talk with customers is very clean and simple to understand and use. Old chats can be brought up very easily and chat can be monitored over time.

Live chat software is popular among but not limited to car dealership websites, real estate agents and online retail websites. is hoping to target these businesses and get them to convert to their service.

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