Using an Autoblog for Web Marketing

Info Level: Intermediate Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy Length of Class: 30 Minutes Tracks Web Marketing Prerequisites Ability to setup a WordPress Blog Understand SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Purpose of Class This class teaches students how to create an atoblog and how to use one to help market their own website. Autoblogs turn RSS Feed content into blog posts. Topics Covered Autoblog Software Philosophies on using Autoblogs for Marketing Setting Up an Autoblog and Automatic Posts to Twitter Class Notes Introduction Autoblogs can be used for SEO, or to create sites with backlinks to your site Autoblog software comes in free and pay for versions Eli suggests using Autoblogged plugin for WordPress. for a site license or 0 for unlimited. Warnings Autoblog software uses an incredible amount of CPU resources Don’t use autoblog software on a blog you actually care about
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7 Responses to Using an Autoblog for Web Marketing

  1. Austin Abbott says:

    i dont know if you are in Empower Network, but you’d do really well! if you dont know whatit is id like you to join me. If not, im gonna learn from your videos haha

  2. Tennie Baecker says:

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  3. shakaama says:

    it’s like following CNN. same thing i guess.

  4. Sintaxx2 says:

    I’m talking about this Twitter account.

  5. AbrakadabraMan says:

    Great stuff ! can you search / replace links prior to importing into your blog…?

  6. shakaama says:

    he said he doesn’t put that on his main blog. he puts that on a secondary blog that points to his main blog.

  7. vbadben says:

    Sorry for the noob question. How do you setup a new folder in WP? Is just a new page or do I need to perform this in my FTP manager? Thanks

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